Monday, January 28, 2013

A Conversation with My Mother-in-Law

So, I had the most hilarious conversation via text message with my mother-in-law before.  She has taken to using Siri to dictate text messages recently and apparently with her German accent Siri gets confused because they turn out quite hilarious.  I had read a few of these interactions that my wife shared in the past but had never experienced it myself.  That all changed this morning.

She texted me to let me know that someone had tried calling her number to get in touch with my brother.

Necessary information to understand this conversation: I call her Mutti (german for mother) and she has deemed me with the endearing nickname Colti.

Her: Hi Coontie, they called for Zachary again.  They just want him to check in if he needs anything.  I did not get their number.  Love, Mike T.  

Me: Your transcribed texts are hilarious.  Thanks for the info.  Love you Mutti.  Or Mike T, according to Siri.  

Her: Thank you Galty.  Love you.  More tea.  

Me: Keeps getting better.  Galty and more tea.  Make sure you read all these later.  Too funny.

Her: I know, that's done Siri just not understand me cold tea.  I am so glad this is kind of funny.  Love woodteak.  

We should publish a book called Siri isms. 

Me: That's the funniest one yet.  You've brought humor to my day.  

Her: Maybe it would sell and we would make a lot of money.  Have to go to work.  Give my love to Dunny.  Would T.  

Me: Will do.  

Her: That's good, quality.  Anytime you need I love just text me and I will dictate Siri an email.  Perhaps we can catch "laugh out of it.  Period.  More tea

Seriously.  You can't make this shit up.

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